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When you’re ready for us to arrange your next energy contract contract it’s important that we’re able to access your account information with your current supplier. This ensures that we have all the right details to move your supply for you and it’s done by completing what’s called a ‘Letter of Authority’ (LOA).

Our eSign Letter of Authority is a super-fast way to authorise us so we can work on your energy supply arrangements. And unless we have one, energy suppliers won’t let us manage the switch process for you.

It enables us to do a range of things for you such as: confirm your existing tariff details, check consumption levels, serve a contract termination notice on your behalf. It also permits us to deal with any other issues that crop up. For instance, during the switch process a supplier may reject the application but with a Letter of Authority we can resolve them on your behalf. If we don’t have one it’ll be up to you!

Simply complete the relevant fields on the document and click. We’ll confirm with you once we’ve got it. And then we’ll get on with finding your next energy contract for you!

If the term ‘Letter of Authority’ sounds a little bit legal for your liking, don’t worry. The terms of the LOA are clear and we can do nothing more than is laid out on the document. This document does not enable us to agree a new contract on your behalf.

If you have any queries or would like to speak to one of our Relationship Team, please contact us on 0800 051 5495 or email us at

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