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Energy saving ideas for SMEs

savingsWhile all businesses are seeking ways to reduce their overheads, most don’t realise that their energy bills are the best and simplest place to start.

It’s assumed that switching your supplier will only bring about hassle and a minimal saving at the end but you couldn’t be further from the truth.

The same goes for energy efficient changes in your business. They don’t have to cost the earth and they can make a big impact on your consumption.

So here’s our energy saving ideas – making a few small changes can make a big difference to your energy costs.

First and foremost, switch your business energy supplier

With over 30 suppliers on the market and a whopping 68% price difference between the cheapest and most expensive electricity tariffs on the market, you could be paying way over the odds for your business energy.

Business Juice is a business energy broker so we compare all suppliers for you. We take a nominal commission from the supplier so it won’t cost you a penny!

We’ll negotiate with suppliers, work out the best tariff for you and your business, tailor it to your requirements and then we’ll carry out the whole switch for you – from terminating your old contract to helping you at the renewal date of your new contract.

Change your lights

Swap halogens for energy efficient light bulbs. They’re cheaper to run and last much longer.

Snub standby and switch off

Make sure there’s nothing left on when you leave for the night, but also while you’re on your lunch or off-site. Switching lights off in empty rooms or corridors could mean savings of up to 15%.

Lower your heating

Decreasing the temperature can avoid wasting energy and lower your consumption noticeably. Make sure no one is overriding the settings. According to the Carbon Trust, reducing your heating by just one degree could result in cost savings of 8%.

Monitor your consumption

Get a smart meter fitted so you can keep an eye on your consumption. You’ll be much more likely to switch off unneeded lighting or appliances when you see how much energy they drain.

How do I get a free business energy quote?

Simply give Business Juice a call on 0800 051 5770. You can even email us at or use our contact form. Just mention reference code SME and we’ll get your contract options over right away so you can start saving!


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