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Top 5 energy saving ideas for community centres!

community centreWhile all businesses are seeking ways to reduce their energy bills, we know just how important it is for a community centre in particular because of the energy you use day-to-day and the amount of people you cater for.

Community centres could save thousands on their business energy bills just by reducing their consumption through better energy efficiency and switching suppliers. Business Juice explains how it’s done.

Heating costs can be higher than the average small business so making a few small changes can make a big difference.

So here’s our top five energy saving ideas!

1. Switch your business energy supplier

With a huge 68% price difference between the cheapest and most expensive electricity tariffs on the market, you could save your community centre hundreds just by comparing your contract.

Business Juice compares 30 suppliers and works out the best tariff for you and your business, tailored to your requirements. Plus they’ll carry out the whole switch for you – from terminating your old contract to supporting you throughout the life of your new contract.

2. Check your lightbulbs

Are your bulbs energy efficient? Swap halogens for energy saving light bulbs. They’re cheaper to run and last much longer. Got tube lighting? Choose a tube with a slimmer diameter and save 10-15% on energy!

3. Switch off

Not just when you leave for the night, but while certain rooms aren’t being used. Switching lights off in empty rooms or corridors could mean savings of up to 15% so another area to keep an eye on.

4. Lower your heating

With a range of different users in the centre, temperatures for the heating should be managed according to a schedule. You may have older people in at one time requiring warmer climates and an aerobics class at another time requiring no heating at all. According to the Carbon Trust, reducing your heating by just one degree could result in cost savings of 8%.

5. Use only what you need

Don’t boil a full kettle for a single couple of tea and make sure you fill the dishwater before you put it on. Keep doors closed so heat isn’t escaping and fit foil behind the radiators on outside walls to ensure you’re maximising your heating.

How do I get a free business energy quote?

Simply give Business Juice a call on 0800 051 5770. You can even email us at or use our contact form. Just mention reference code COMMCENTRE and we’ll get your contract options over right away so you can start saving!

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