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Business Gas Prices

Many businesses pay far higher business gas prices than they need to.

Here we’ll show you how to make sure you get a great deal on your business gas.

How to get cheaper business gas prices

There are six important elements that you need to pay attention to make sure you get a better deal on your business gas:

Prices vary widely between different suppliers, so this really is the golden rule: never, ever sign a contract until you’ve checked that the price you’ve been offered is competitive.

You can do this yourself, by ringing round all the different business gas suppliers or Business Juice can do it for you.

We can save you a lot of time by comparing business gas prices from the whole market on your behalf. The fastest way to get a quote is to give us a ring on 0800 051 5770

While business electricity tariffs have a standing charge, not all gas tariffs do.

Whether or not a tariff with a standing charge is right for your business will depend on how much gas your business uses.

If you’re a heavy user, a low unit rate is vital, but if you use relatively little gas, you might be better off with a low (or no) standing charge and higher unit rate.

We can find a tariff with the combination of standing charge and unit rate that suits your business.

Many people just worry about the unit rate, but getting the lowest unit rate doesn’t necessarily mean you’re paying the lowest possible price for your gas; it all depends on how much energy you use.

Here at Business Juice we can find a tariff with the balance of standing charge and unit rate that suits your needs.

By signing up for a longer-term contract you’re likely to pay a premium to start off with, but with the upward trend in business gas prices you’ll almost certainly see savings in the long run in contrast to if you had signed multiple short-term contracts over the same period.

We can offer anything from 1 week to 6 year contracts, with every option in between meaning if there’s a contract requirement out there, we can deliver it.

You’ll pay out of contract rates if your contract runs out and you don’t have a new contract ready to switch to, and deemed rates in the period when you move into new premises before you can sort out your contract.

This is an expensive position to be in.

  • Out-of-contract rates can be twice the level of in-contract rates.
  • Deemed rates can be similarly punitive.

You should always avoid ending up in a situation where you are exposed to them at all costs. Business Juice can work with you to ensure you’re not trapped by penalty rates.

Business gas prices are volatile – they can change every day.

Prices fluctuate so much because – unlike the domestic market – business energy isn’t bought in advance, it’s bought as and when new contracts come in.

This means that the wholesale market has a huge impact on business gas prices.

When you get a quote you’re happy with it’s wise to snap it up there and then, because you can’t guarantee that that price will still be available tomorrow.

Your gas bill is subject to a number of ’extras’ whether IGT charges, VAT or CCL.

Some business premises are served by independent gas transporters (IGTs) instead of the Transco network.

If you get your gas via an IGT you may find that your prices are higher because the gas supplier will have to pay the IGT a fee to use their pipes.

VAT is charged at 20% on business gas bills. However some businesses only have to pay 5%, for example if you have a domestic/residential element to your business e.g. a care home or a caravan park, or if you are using an average of 145 kWh of gas a day or less.

Climate Change Levy is a government levy, all businesses pay it unless they use renewable energy you use or less than an average of 145 kWh of gas a day.

Business Juice will calculate all three of these extras for you, so you’ll really know how much you’re paying.

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