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Energy UK

energy ukEnergy UK is the trade body that represents many of the UK’s energy suppliers including the infamous Big 6.They are in effect a pressure group put together to represent the interests of the energy suppliers and in recent times to justify their actions and existence as well as to lobby for understanding and commercially beneficial regulation.

Energy UK’s stated aim

“To provide a source of expert advice on industry matters and work to enhance the industry’s reputation with customers and with the communities it serves”

Energy UK’s approach

  • Producing responses to consultations from Ofgem, DECC and other parties, these can cover anything from supplier payment terms through water abstraction management to electricity theft;
  • Issuing discussion papers and letters to respond to issues in the media and market;
  • Providing evidential submissions on behalf of their members to formal industry inquiries;
  • Producing factsheets and guides for customers to understand anything from power station closures through meter reading advice to scam warnings;
  • Producing self imposed and self regulated codes of practice and policies for their supplier members including voluntary back billing standards and accurate billing commitments;
  • Representing UK energy policy and its members on the European and international stage;
  • Contributing to third party reports on the state of the energy market;
  • Undertaking statistical analysis including publication of monthly switching rates
As a customer any interaction with Energy UK will be very unlikely, Energy UK are not a consumer facing organisation and as such don’t provide an opportunity for contact or conversation.

Energy UK’s Website

The Energy UK website provides a series of rudimentary ‘fact sheets’ and pages to help customers understand a little more about the energy market.These pages include:
  • How to switch energy supplier
  • Ways to pay your bill
  • Help with your energy bills
  • How to make a complaint
  • Saving money on energy bills
The majority of these ‘guides’ are focused on domestic consumers and as such are not strictly relevant to the rules and regulations of the business energy market.To understand more about the workings of the business energy market visit our Energy Guides section.  

Did you know?

  • The first Chief Executive of Energy UK, Duncan Sedgwick, Duncan was also a non executive director at Business Juice
  • Energy UK’s Former Chief Executive Angela Knight sat on the No. 10 Downing Street SME Energy Working Group.
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