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Whose Gas Price is Fully Fixed?

Business Juice policy on fully fixed contracts:

Business Juice only recognise, and therefore sell, a contract as "fully fixed" where there are no contractual terms within the supplier terms and conditions that allow a change to any element of the publicised price under normal market conditions.

Please be aware that some suppliers market their contracts as fully fixed even though these variability clauses exist. Suppliers do this on the basis of having not invoked these clauses to date. Business Juice however do not offer such contracts as "fully fixed" and instead recognise these as standard "pass through" contract offerings.

To find out more about the difference in supplier contractual approaches visit our guide to fully fixed contracts.

To get the latest information on fixed price contracts and get the perfect gas deal for your business, please contact  our team of Energy Advisers. We have the latest information at our fingertips and we'd love to hear from you.