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Switching Business Energy Supplier

How Does Switching Energy Supplier Work?

Business energy contracts are negotiated and priced based on your business’ individual circumstances.

In all but a very small number of cases you will be in a fixed contract with your current supplier.

Being on a fixed contract means that:

  1. You will be unable to leave the current supplier until your contract ends
  2. You will need to terminate your existing contract within the window required by your supplier

4 Easy Steps to Switching

  1. Complete an eSign service Letter of Authority, which gives Business Juice the permission to act on your behalf in negotiating an energy deal
  2. Sit back whilst we research the market for the best deal for your business
  3. Choose your favoured deal from the options we provide for you
  4. Complete a simple 5 minute verbal contract with Business Juice to secure your ideal deal

Business Juice Top Tip

Contract not ending anytime soon? No problem, even if your existing contract doesn’t end for another 3 months, 6 months or 12 months, Business Juice can secure you a deal that will run seamlessly from whenever your contract does end.

The beauty of this flexibility we offer is that if there is a good deal available today you can secure it even though your contract end is month and even years away.

It’s never too early to strike an advantageous business energy deal.

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