Common Questions About Business Electricity and Gas

energy-questionBusiness energy can be confusing. Here we answer a series of common questions which might help you understand the market in order to make the best decision for your company.

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Business Energy Contracts

How far in advance can I agree a business energy contract?
Why do I hear so much about terminating contracts?
Is there a cooling off period with a business energy contract?
How do I cancel my current contract?
How long does a business energy switch take?
Do you offer fixed contracts?
Are energy scams something I should worry about?

How is the business market different from the domestic market?

What are the differences between the business and domestic energy market?
Do business energy prices vary by region?

What is the process?

What sort of businesses do you support?
Once we've agreed a deal, when will my supplier get in touch?
Why do you need a letter of authority?
What is a 'soft' credit check and why do you need it?

VAT Declaration

How do I declare lower rate VAT on my energy supply?

Smart Meters

What is a Smart Meter?

Power Cuts & Gas Leaks

What do I do if my business has had a power cut?

Ask the Team

Ask the Team

How do Business Juice get paid?

Do you 'hide' deals?
How do you get my business a better rate than me going direct to a supplier?
What's in it for you?
How do I know I can trust Business Juice?
How can I find out how much commission you have earned?

About Business Juice

Are you associated with Make It Cheaper?
Are you associated with uSwitch?
Are you uSwitch for Business?

Useful Links

Keeping you up-to-date with the best energy literature in the market outside of Business Juice .

The Ofgem/Citizens Advice Guide to TPIs
The Carbon Trust's guide to business energy saving
Ofgem's Business energy complaints guide
Ofgem's video - The Energy Networks Explained

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