40% drop in coal-fired power affects business energy prices

After Amber Rudd’s announcement to close all coal-fired power plants by 2025 in line with her energy policy ‘reset’, the UK has already made headway with a 40% fall in generation levels since last year. “It cannot be satisfactory for an advanced economy like the UK to be relying on polluting, carbon intensive 50-year-old coal-fired […]

What do Rudd’s new energy policies mean for your business?

Energy and Climate Change Secretary Amber Rudd has announced the new energy policy ‘reset’ declaring that energy security is her “number one priority.” Rudd has declared plans to phase out all unabated coal-fired power plants by 2025 and expand the development of clean energy technology. While this seems like a positive step, it was quickly […]

FiT changes hinder community energy projects

Energy secretary Amber Rudd admits that Feed-in Tariff (FiT) changes could have a negative impact on the development of community energy projects. However she defended her decision by reiterating the importance of safeguarding spend under the FiT scheme. Not all is lost though as she offered community projects hope of potential assistance when she added: […]

Rudd supports smart meter rollout

Energy secretary Amber Rudd has high hopes for the smart meter rollout due next year saying it will be a “great opportunity” to promote energy efficiency. While the new smart meters will provide consumers with accurate readings, it is also hoped that it will help to improve energy efficiency and reduce consumption. This should be […]

Climate change education required to stop global warming

Energy secretary Amber Rudd has called for a new approach to tackling global warming after she stated that the climate change debate was ‘dictated by left-wing anti-capitalists.’ Rudd says she can understand why people see tackling global warming as “cover for anti-growth, anti-capitalist, proto-socialism.” “It cannot be left to one part of the political spectrum […]

Energy secretary backs nuclear for the short term

Energy secretary Amber Rudd announced support for nuclear power in order to back up unreliable renewable sources and provide the UK with a steady supply of electricity. She stated: “The requirement for nuclear is absolute if we want to have renewables as part of the mix because, until we get storage right, renewables are unreliable. […]

British Gas announce 5% cut on gas prices

It seems that the government’s call for cheaper gas prices hasn’t fallen on deaf ears. British Gas has announced it will cut its domestic gas prices by up to 5%. This will come into force towards the end of August and should reduce consumers bills by an average of £35 a year. British Gas managing […]

New energy bill to be implemented

Energy Secretary Amber Rudd has taken her first steps towards reforming energy legislation by announcing plans in the House of Lords. The Energy Bill will set out the plans for onshore wind farms, new schemes and local council involvement. Rudd has given local communities the power to veto planning propositions to ensure residents have “the […]

Consumers care more about the environment than their bills

A survey of UK energy users has revealed interesting news that almost half of people surveyed (43%) would rather reduce their carbon footprint than their energy bills. Not good news for Amber Rudd who has been focussing her energies onto pressurising suppliers to reduce prices while cutting wind farm subsidies. Head of the Institution of […]

Big Six told to reduce energy costs by Rudd

Bad news for energy suppliers as new energy secretary Amber Rudd has demanded the Big Six cut their energy prices. We’re sure it’s come as a shock to the Big Six as they only recently breathed a sigh of relief at the downfall of the Labour party and their proposed price freeze. Rudd has apparently […]