Independent energy suppliers overtake Big Six

The number of customer service complaints have rocketed for the larger suppliers who seem to have become complacent in their old age. The Big Six are already in the firing line again over high energy prices and it seems the general public are jumping ship to smaller suppliers. The independents have seized the window of opportunity, […]

Energy prices hit five-year low. Will businesses profit?

News has just been released that wholesale gas and electricity prices hit a five-year low at the end of 2015 putting more pressure on suppliers to slash prices. Prices plummeted as a mild winter in the UK meant a lower demand for energy along with lower prices globally thanks to shale exploration and an attempt […]

How CMA rules are set to change the business energy market

After the CMA’s investigation last year, the energy market is set to come under further scrutiny over the next eighteen months. Price comparison websites (PCWs) and energy brokers will be in the firing line as the CMA stated that they intend to: “Undertake analysis on price comparison websites, with the aim of understanding whether problems […]

Energy Prices Down so Why Not Energy Bills?

Q: If the wholesale price is falling why isn’t my energy bill? A: The government Much has been made recently of the seemingly inexorable falls in the wholesale energy market, look a little closer though and you can see the ‘falls’ are not linear, rather they are a series of peaks and troughs albeit on […]

How will cuts to FiT affect business energy prices?

New rates have been announced for the Feed-in Tariff (FiT) scheme for 2016 onwards including a 64% cut to the domestic tariff bringing down rewards from 12p/kWh to a measly 4.39p/kWh. The subsidy cuts however were smaller than expected for small to mid scale solar, wind, and hydro projects, although plans for a £100m cap […]

Top 5 business energy saving ideas for dentists!

While all businesses are seeking ways to reduce their energy bills, we know just how important it is for dentist in particular because of the energy you use day-to-day. Dentist surgeries could save thousands on their business energy bills just by reducing their consumption and switching suppliers and we’ll explain just how it’s done. With […]

Fracking approved under national parks by MPs

MPs have voted to allow fracking under national parks although the ruling has caused some controversy amongst ministers after an underhand method of getting the measure through was used, avoiding a proper debate in the House of Commons. Despite the Conservative pledge to ban fracking in protected areas, 298 ministers voted for fracking against 261 […]

Will dependence on gas imports affect business energy rates?

As the price of brent crude plummets, pricing levels for UK wholesale gas prices are crushed and dependence on gas imports increases. Analysts say that Brent crude prices below $40/barrel could play a major factor in exerting strong downward pressure on the future cost of wholesale gas due to oversupply. Members of Opec (Organisation of […]

Fracking begins – how will it affect business energy prices?

The Task Force have released their final report on the process of shale gas fracking and have recommended that exploratory drilling begin as soon as possible. The Task Force on Shale Gas was launched in September 2014 to give careful consideration to public concerns, and to provide an impartial and transparent assessment of the potential […]

Head of EMA warns of blackout threat this winter

Head of The Energy Managers Association (EMA) Lord Redesdale says that he “wholly expects blackouts this winter”. Resedale commented as the UK capacity margin has hit just 1.5% – a low not seen since 2007, raising concerns over potential blackouts and brownouts. With increasing numbers of coal-fired plants being shut down in line with EU […]