Domestic energy prices fall. Will business rates follow?

It seems that the government’s call for cheaper gas prices hasn’t fallen on deaf ears. A host of suppliers including Eon and First Utility have dropped prices, with SSE being the latest to announce it will cut its domestic gas prices by an average 5.3% on their standard tariff. This will come into force towards the end […]

Record number of energy switches in 2015

A record 3.8 million people switched energy supplier in 2015 which was a whopping 0.6 million more than in 2014. It just goes to show that consumers are becoming more and more savvy with their bills and less likely to remain loyal to suppliers that penalise long-term customers with high rates. Lawrence Slade, chief executive of Energy […]

Will dependence on gas imports affect business energy rates?

As the price of brent crude plummets, pricing levels for UK wholesale gas prices are crushed and dependence on gas imports increases. Analysts say that Brent crude prices below $40/barrel could play a major factor in exerting strong downward pressure on the future cost of wholesale gas due to oversupply. Members of Opec (Organisation of […]

Fracking begins – how will it affect business energy prices?

The Task Force have released their final report on the process of shale gas fracking and have recommended that exploratory drilling begin as soon as possible. The Task Force on Shale Gas was launched in September 2014 to give careful consideration to public concerns, and to provide an impartial and transparent assessment of the potential […]

What do Rudd’s new energy policies mean for your business?

Energy and Climate Change Secretary Amber Rudd has announced the new energy policy ‘reset’ declaring that energy security is her “number one priority.” Rudd has declared plans to phase out all unabated coal-fired power plants by 2025 and expand the development of clean energy technology. While this seems like a positive step, it was quickly […]

Collective energy switch tariffs must be included say Ofgem

Energy suppliers must publicise collective switch tariffs from now on in the Cheapest Tariff Message (CTM), thanks to new Ofgem rulings. The CTM is already an existing requirement that bills and annual statements should include information about the cheapest tariffs available and how much customers could save by switching to them. Collective switches are generally […]

Gas demand to rise 31%. Energy prices surge

As the temperature drops across Western Europe, LDC gas demand is set to rise by 31% over the next week. After a few months of warmer-than-average weather, heating demand has been stilted yet the Met Office advises that colder temperatures are closing in with a surge in demand set to raise gas market prices. “Colder […]

Energy prices rise with blackout threats

As the threat of blackouts become more likely this winter, UK energy generators could be taking advantage of the opportunity to inflate market prices to astronomical figures. National Grid will be calling upon reserve capacity and back up power plants this winter to ensure a secure power supply for the UK. Wholesale power prices typically […]

EON pay for missing advanced meter deadline

Bad news for E.ON as they have had to fork out £7 million to the Carbon Trust after they were investigated by Ofgem for failing to meet their advanced metering rollout obligations. All suppliers were advised by the government in 2009, that they must rollout advanced gas and electricity meters to large non-domestic customers by […]

UK coal gasification gets planning go ahead

Despite the unknown impact on the environment and public health, the government has issued over 30 licenses allowing developers to plan coal gasification projects. The process, which resembles shale fracking, has been criticised after a lack of UK commercial testing, so much so, that Scotland have already vetoed it pending a public health impact assessment […]