Business energy brokers – the real story

As more and more Third Party Intermediaries (TPI) enter the energy market, the competition is becoming ever tougher. Worryingly, the techniques used by some brokers are often underhand in order to gain business leaving some of the more transparent TPIs in the dust. We give you the low down on the different business structures and techniques […]

A record-breaking 39 business energy suppliers on the market

With the government and consumers taking a renewed interest in the energy industry, new entrants have boosted the number of business energy suppliers up to 39 – a new record. With seven new companies entering the market, the competition in both the gas and electricity markets has ramped up. Axpo, Yu Energy, Economy Energy, D-Energi, […]

Half of SMEs no longer borrowing money

48% of small and medium businesses have turned their backs on borrowing money preferring to pay off their debts instead. It seems that SMEs are more concerned with becoming debt-free than borrowing to increase growth. The remaining half of SMEs have taken advantage of bank loans and finance offerings with more applications being accepted. According […]

Call for lower taxes from small businesses

Businesses are imploring the new government to lower taxes and property rates as they are struggling to compete with online retailers. During the election campaign, David Cameron promised to keep taxes low and cut regulation for small businesses. Philippa Roe, leader of Westminster Council, said: “There is a real appetite for change, to make the system fairer […]