Lock in early to save on new half-hourly energy charges

Businesses are changing to half hourly meters under new legislation due to be enforced in the next couple of years and can expect to be charged for their contracts. While the implementation date for half-hourly charging under P272 has been delayed by a year until April 2017, businesses will start to be transferred from November […]

Britain has the most expensive electricity in Europe

Britain has the highest domestic electricity prices in Europe with customers paying double the continental average. The typical British household pays 14.8p/kWh before tax while the pre-tax price in Bulgaria sits at just 5.75p/kWh. While our tax sits much lower at 5% than most of the rest of Europe, Britain has still seen the biggest […]

Low gas prices thanks to mild start to October

While we’re all enjoying some Autumn sunshine, the mild weather has ensured that short-term gas and power prices are set at historic lows for the winter season. The demand for gas and heating will be low thanks to warmer temperatures seeing the UK gas imports in abundant supply, driving the gas and power prices down. […]

Gas cut in Ukraine goes mostly unnoticed

Gas supply talks between Russia and Ukraine failed after they were unable to agreed on a price at the end of their contract leading to a little known about supply cut in the latter. Ukraine failed to make an advance payment for July deliveries, and Gazprom “won’t deliver gas to Ukraine at any price without […]