The Big Six lose more customers to independent suppliers

Independent suppliers are gaining more momentum in the energy market as they poach more customers away from the Big Six. Their collective market share now stands at 11.2%, which is higher than three of the major suppliers. Hardly surprising though as the Big Six have been through a torrent of bad press after the initial […]

Paying too much for your energy? Don’t blame suppliers

Suppliers have been in the firing line again with the news that the Big Six have creamed off an extra £1bn every year from customers. But can you blame them? If you’d paid more for your holiday than the chap in the room next door, would you be banging on the travel agents door demanding […]

Big Six have been overcharging for years say CMA

The Big Six are in the firing line today as the Competition and Markets Authority released their initial results of a year-long examination of the UK energy market. It transpires that UK households have collectively overpaid by £1.2bn a year for their energy due to average domestic prices being offered by the ‘big six’ energy […]