UK energy system wastes more than half of power generated

54% of generated power is lost between the source and the end user reportedly costing £9.5 billion a year, thanks to the UK’s inefficient energy system. The government is being urged to look into the issue as a more efficient grid would be the first port of call for a cost-effective solution to a reliable […]

Government to reform business energy efficiency taxes

The government has set out new business energy efficiency policy proposals to simplify and improve corporate carbon taxation schemes with a view to decarbonising the economy and ensuring secure energy supplies. These changes have been brought about as the government has ruled that there is a significant amount of cost-effective energy and carbon saving potential […]

Rudd supports smart meter rollout

Energy secretary Amber Rudd has high hopes for the smart meter rollout due next year saying it will be a “great opportunity” to promote energy efficiency. While the new smart meters will provide consumers with accurate readings, it is also hoped that it will help to improve energy efficiency and reduce consumption. This should be […]

Government scraps energy household efficiency scheme

The new government has scrapped the Green Deal energy efficiency programme after only 10,000 homes signed up. The scheme was initially introduced to encourage households to install insulation and new boilers making properties more energy efficient by taking out loans. The loan repayments would supposedly be covered by the energy savings although it was later […]