ECCC to review drop in renewables investment

The Energy and Climate Change select committee (ECCC) has agreed to investigate whether there has been a drop in investor confidence towards the energy market since the entrance of the new government. ECCC chair Angus MacNeil said: “Energy projects like offshore wind farms and nuclear power stations can take years from planning to completion, so […]

Investment in UK renewables falls dramatically

The recent cuts to renewables subsidies and green schemes, has dramatically affected the number of investors in the UK renewables market. A worrying time to be losing investment as EU carbon targets loom in the distance and the government seems to be more focused on fracking than wind and solar energy. EY energy corporate finance […]

Government back new nuclear energy plant project

Controversial nuclear plant project, Hinkley Point C is being backed by the government, with Chancellor George Osborne pledging a £2 billion credit guarantee towards the investment. The plant, despite having hit plenty of obstacles including public opposition, is being backed by Chinese firms, sealing an “unprecedented” collaboration between the UK and China. The deal will […]