New shadow energy secretary Nandy after Flint resigns

Caroline Flint has resigned as shadow energy secretary after four years paving the way for Lisa Nandy to fill her shoes. Despite controversy that Flint had left due to Jeremy Corbyn’s appointment as party leader – several other cabinet members resigned in protest – she claims her return to the back benches was a move […]

Corbyn’s Labour leadership win = energy renationalisation?

Jeremy Corbyn, the new Labour party leader has breathed new life into the debate over renationalisation of the energy industry. While Corbyn’s energy policies have never overtly mentioned plans for renationalisation, he has made it clear that it is his “personal wish”. He stated: “I would want the public ownership of the gas and the […]

Greatrex supporting Corbyn’s call for energy renationalisation?

Former Labour party shadow energy minister, Tom Greatrex has asked the industry not to dismiss Jeremy Corbyn’s call to renationalise the energy sector and implored them to consider the idea. He believes that the public would be in favour of renationalisation and urges energy companies to focus “relentlessly” on changing their approach. While this was never […]