How will cuts to FiT affect business energy prices?

New rates have been announced for the Feed-in Tariff (FiT) scheme for 2016 onwards including a 64% cut to the domestic tariff bringing down rewards from 12p/kWh to a measly 4.39p/kWh. The subsidy cuts however were smaller than expected for small to mid scale solar, wind, and hydro projects, although plans for a £100m cap […]

Wind farm subsidy cuts threaten job losses

The “renewables obligation” subsidy will be closed to onshore wind farms from April next year instead of 2017. As the government ends subsidies earlier than expected, it’s feared that thousands of jobs will be lost. There’s also anger that the new government aren’t taking renewable energy pledges as seriously as they ought to. Maria McCaffery, […]

Tories take the wind out of SNP’s sails with subsidy cuts

The Conservative government is due to shut down the current wind subsidy scheme earlier than expected, effectively preventing the development of thousands of turbines, under plans being considered by Amber Rudd. It seems the Conservatives are making good on their manifesto pledge to end any new public subsidy for onshore wind farms – amid concerns that […]

New energy secretary to put an end to wind farm subsidies

The Conservatives have already made good on one of their pledges with newly appointed energy secretary Amber Rudd planning to stop the creation of more wind farms. Rudd is fast putting new legislation into place due to start from May 2016 to ban wind farm subsidies and give planning rules back to local communities. Rudd […]