Business Gas from CNG

CNGUK owned and run independent gas supplier Contract Natural Gas (CNG) has a range of different business gas tariffs to suit businesses of any size.

CNG was established in 1994, at the opening of the competitive energy market, and has developed into a major player in the SME gas market.

The CNG Checklist

Other things to know about CNG:

The Harrogate based business is:

  • A commercial only gas specialist;
  • Offers 1-4 year contracts;
  • Offers products with no standing charge;
  • Will only consider customers with a credit score (Delphi) of more than 30;
  • Will take on low consumption meters;
  • Provides one-to-one account management to its customers;
  • Offers a flexible billing service in tune with your business’s needs
  • Offers inclusive smart meters for new and existing customers over 293,000kWh
  • Offers Smart Meter upgrades to all customers
  • Operates a full site works service of new connections, meter installs, & upgrades


CNG's latest contract terms
Are CNG's contracts fully fixed?
Back billing and CNG
CNG and Letters of Authority
Change of Tenancy and CNG


Where to find your contract end date on your CNG bill
When to expect your CNG renewal letter

Terminating with CNG
Rollover Contracts and CNG
Terminating but remaining on supply with CNG
CNG and Out of Contract Rates


What payment terms does CNG offer?
How to claim the reduced VAT rate for your CNG bill?
When to expect your bill from CNG
CNG and Online Billing
Where to find your metering information on your CNG bill


CNG and Smart Meters
CNG & New Connections and Upgrade services
CNG & IGT Meters
CNG & Supporting Meter Types


Green & Renewable products from CNG
CNG and Fuel Mix

Getting in touch

Does CNG sound like the business energy supplier you’re looking for?

If so call now on 0800 051 5770 or alternatively the fastest way to authorise us to work on your energy supply arrangements is to use our eSign service to agree our Evergreen Letter of Authority.

Not sure if CNG is right for you?

If you’re looking at switching your energy supplier, we’re here to help you determine whether CNG is right for you.

We take the research, negotiation and paperwork off your hands and help you switch to a better deal with your choice of new energy supplier.

How we help you switch your business energy supplier.

Our team of energy experts can help you determine whether CNG is going to be the right supplier for you.

The service we provide is independent and impartial, making sure that you get exactly the right deal for your business.

eSign – Fast, Convenient Online Approval

The fastest way to authorise us to work on your energy supply arrangements is to use our eSign service to agree our Evergreen Letter of Authority.

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