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New Connections and Meter Installations

Most businesses move into a premise, whether leased or owned, commence operations and never need to think about their energy supply other than getting a good deal and paying their bills. But some businesses need more than that from their energy supplier. Whether it is increasing their capacity for tackling energy intensive activities, a more accurate or suitable metering system for measuring usage, or simply more connections to facilitate business expansion, any combination of the following may be required at any time:
  • New connection
  • Meter disconnection
  • Total removal of existing service
  • Rearranging an existing service position
  • Increase capacity of an existing service
  • Decrease capacity of an existing service
  • Temporary builders’ supply
  • Metering upgrades
  • Smart meter installation
Whilst many suppliers support new connection and other installation and removal activity each will have different policies and protocols to follow. As a result the process can be time-consuming and frustrating, not least when works involve interaction with the public highways. If your business needs to undertake any of the activities listed then you need to be prepared to not just rely on your existing supplier to deliver but to assess the market to match to your specific needs.

Speedy installations and contract start dates

As part of our commitment to your business for a seamless energy connection and supply experience we have negotiated with suppliers to enable new connections or shipperless gas sites to be able to enter a new energy contract with their chosen energy supplier within 7 days. This ensures a seamless transition from installation to supply enabling your business to take the opportunity of the best prices available with no short term, premium priced contract fuss with which to contend. Call us today on 0800 051 5770 to take advantage.

Key questions to ask of energy suppliers:

  • Do they provide new connection, upgrade and installation services?
  • Do they operate a policy of maximum / minimum job size?
  • Do they avoid certain job types?
  • Do they charge for providing these services?
  • Who will be your business’ contact for the project?
  • Do they utilise a third party to deliver these services and if so who are they?
  • Are you obliged to accept a contract with the supplier post installation?
  • What contract terms do they offer (pre connection, post connection, normal operations)?
  • Is there a price premium for a post installation contract
Given the range of questions and the potential for differing answers it is key to choose your partner wisely.

New Connection Services

The following business energy suppliers offer new connection services: Here at Business Juice we’re happy to help you navigate the various supplier options and work with you to choose your ideal partner for your specific needs. Our strong supplier relationships and our candid approach to identifying those best suited to fulfilling your project could save you a lot of time and money. Indeed it is not only at the ‘works’ stage that Business Juice can help your business get the right deal, an essential secondary step is to secure a good value energy contract for any new build, connection or upgrade. Sadly, at times this can be as challenging as getting the physical project completed. Business Juice can help prevent you from being tied into a premium priced new connection contract. Whether through physical works or cost and time saving Business Juice is here to help your business grow. If you would like to know more about our new connections services call us on 0800 051 5770, we’d love to hear from you.