Price Rises During Contract

In the latest in our series of questions to the boss, we focus on “Prices are rising but I’m in the middle of my business energy contract and I can’t switch, should I be worried? What can I do?” Business Juice: “Firstly, the vast majority of business energy contracts are fixed price, so even though […]

Business Barriers to Energy Efficiency

UK businesses struggle to adopt energy efficiency measures Research commissioned by DECC found several barriers are preventing businesses from implementing energy efficiency measures. The main barriers cited by businesses were: Capital constraints The need for and lack of short payback periods Lack of expertise Complex internal decision making processes Fear of disruption of daily business. […]

Would Competitor Information Help Reduce Energy Bills?

Would knowing how much energy your competitors use encourage you cut your bills? A new report has found that households could cut their gas and electricity bills by £70 a year if they knew how much energy their neighbours used. The ‘Smarter, Greener, Cheaper’ report by Policy Exchange found evidence that people cut the amount of energy […]

Predictions for the business energy market – Peter Franklin

Peter Franklin, Director of Enstra Consulting, gives his predictions for the business energy market Building sustainable businesses As we look forward towards the coming year, there are a number of developments that could have a major impact on energy for businesses. 1. The Green Deal. The Green Deal should gather pace during 2014 and allow small […]

Micro business or non-micro business?

Are you a micro business or a non-micro business? And what difference does it make anyway? When thinking about their business electricity and gas contracts, most business decision makers stay with the same supplier time and time again regardless of whether the rates they are offered are at all competitive against the rest of the […]

How To Avoid Energy Broker Charges

In the latest in our series of questions to the boss, we focus on the important question of “If other industries are anything to go by my broker will be making money for himself and costing me plenty, how can I avoid the charges?” Business Juice: “Well, firstly an admission, we like you are in […]

Which? hunt

What a staggering day yesterday was. The hyperbole around domestic energy price rises rarely disappoints but the crescendo reached yesterday was … well frankly unbelievable. If reports are to be believed, the PM, somewhat off guard and certainly unexpectedly said that the government would be “legislating so that energy companies have to give the lowest […]

Am I a micro business?

Understanding the concept of micro business. Question: How do I know if I’m a micro business? James Constant: The official line is that you can be defined as a micro business for just gas, just electricity, or for both. The gas or electricity must be supplied on non-domestic premises and you must meet at least […]

Real Cost Of Alternative Energy Sources

According to the Public Accounts Committee (PAC), in their snappily titled report ‘Offshore electricity transmission-a new model for infrastructure’, the cost of laying the cables which will transmit the energy created by new offshore wind farms to the Grid is £8bn, but the ultimate cost to us (the consumers) could be as high as £17bn. […]

1 year Energy Deal vs Longer Term Fix

In the latest in our series of questions to the boss, we focus on the big issue of “Should I be taking a one-year deal or fixing for a longer term? Which option will give me the best value for money?” Business Juice: “This is the ultimate measure of whether you’re a pessimist or an […]