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Price Rises During Contract

In the latest in our series of questions to the boss, we focus on

“Prices are rising but I’m in the middle of my business energy contract and I can’t switch, should I be worried? What can I do?”

Business Juice:

“Firstly, the vast majority of business energy contracts are fixed price, so even though prices are rising in the wider market, yours will be staying put, as long as you are in a contract.

Secondly, contrary to popular belief, you can enter a contract and take advantage of a good price even if you’re still in contract. As long as the contract doesn’t start before your existing one ends, you can agree a deal whenever one takes your fancy. Just make sure you send a termination letter to your existing supplier and get your contract end date right to ensure a smooth process. So for example, if your contract ends in June, you could sign up to a new contract in January locking in that day’s prices if they are attractive to you. This way you can avoid any increases that might happen over the subsequent six months and be secure in the knowledge that you future energy prices are fixed well in advance.”

To find out your supplier’s termination policy visit our dedicated supplier pages.

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