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Trust in energy industry falls among MPs

The level of trust MPs have in the energy industry has fallen over the last three years, according to a new poll by Ipsos MORI.

The research found that while MPs trust the industry to keep the lights on:

  • 36% distrust the energy industry to move as quickly as possible towards lower carbon generation methods;
  • 79% distrust the energy industry to protect the poor and vulnerable from high energy prices;
  • 73% distrust the energy industry to offer genuine competition in electricity supply;
  • 86% distrust the energy industry to provide clear information so customers can choose between suppliers.

In all areas, the level of trust has declined since the last survey in 2009. The biggest fall in trust was in relation to “offering genuine competition in energy supply”. In the 2009 survey, 54% of MPs distrusted the industry, compared to 73% today.

A shocking set of statistics and surely the background for concerted action by MPs and the government for much needed remedial action in the energy industry.


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