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Which Is The Best Business Energy Supplier?

When faced lots of choices, how do you know which is best?

We know that, for most businesses, price is the most important factor when it comes to picking a new business energy supplier. But what if two different suppliers offer you the same price? How do you decide which to accept?

Customer satisfaction is bound to come into your decision, but how do you quantify it? Well, Datamonitor’s customer satisfaction ratings that prove helpful.

For SME electricity customers, the rankings were:

  1. Haven Power
  2. E.ON
  3. Scottish Power
  4. Opus Energy
  5. EDF
  6. SSE
  7. nPower
  8. British Gas Business

For larger businesses, the results are quite different:

  1. Smartest Energy
  2. npower
  3. EDF
  4. Haven Power
  5. E.ON
  6. British Gas Business
  7. Scottish Power
  8. SSE

And they differ again when it comes to large business gas customers:

  1. Gazprom Energy
  2. Dong Energy Sales
  3. British Gas Business
  4. E.ON
  5. SSE

So what can we learn from these results?

For starters, they show that there’s no such thing as ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to energy – different sizes of business need different things from their energy supplier, which is why the rankings differ so much between SMEs and larger businesses.

Secondly, they show that there’s no need to be worried about going with a company that isn’t part of the ‘Big Six’ – the strong performance of Haven Power, Opus Energy, Gazprom Energy and Smartest Energy shows that business-only suppliers can more than hold their own in terms of customer satisfaction.

Finally, it shows that new entrants are shaking up the market – Gazprom Energy and Smartest Energy have only been supplying businesses in the UK since 2008, making them relative newcomers, and both companies outranked longer-established companies in their respective categories.

Rethinking your choice of energy supplier? Business Juice can get you quotes from all of the suppliers mentioned above, and a whole lot more besides, in fact with us you have the whole market to choose from.

What matters to you in business energy supplier? Let us know. And we’ll find you your perfect match.

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