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Ofgem to Strengthen 3-Week Switching Rules

Ofgem has published its solution to the much-criticised energy switching process by proposing tougher rules to help enforce the pre-existing 3-week switching timescale for energy customers.

Whilst this is only at consultation stage, Ofgem is looking to amend suppliers’ licence conditions to enable them to take enforcement action against suppliers who consistently fail to fulfil the 3-week rule.

Ofgem is also consulting on the move for energy suppliers to face new rules to ensure that cases of erroneous transfer (where customers are switched by mistake) become a costly problem of the past.

Research by Ofgem has revealed that 1 per cent of all transfers were erroneous, while more than 20 per cent of electricity and more than 80 per cent of gas switches were taking longer than three weeks.

Despite the rules being in place already, they rely on the affected parties taking action themselves, a situation that they rarely have the desire or knowledge to do so.

The announcement of their intention by Ofgem takes on an added piquancy in the week where British Gas Business has been fined £5.6m for transfer irregularities.

Read more at Ofgem press release

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