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Smaller Energy Suppliers are Increasingly Influential

In good news for choice in the energy market and signposting an alternative to the much maligned Big 6 energy suppliers, Energy UK, the energy supplier trade body reports that the rate of customers switching electricity to smaller suppliers is at an all-time high.

Electralink, the organisation that runs the data network that underpins the UK energy industry, analysed its data and concluded that 43% of electricity switches in March 2014 were to smaller and/or independent suppliers.

Energy UK seized on this rare sign of positive news, claiming it was:

“A clear sign the market has become more competitive”.


“Switching is alive and well in the electricity market with more and more customers each month comparing deals and finding the best one for them.

“The energy industry is working hard to make it easier than ever for customers to compare deals and find the best one for them.”

This optimism in the burgeoning choice of energy supplier has been backed by domestic price comparison website, who claim that 72% of energy customers would happily switch to a smaller supplier. This marked a significant increase from 56% 12 months ago.

The successes of new entrant suppliers like Ovo, run by charismatic CEO Stephen Fitzpatrick, has emboldened customers to place their trust beyond the traditional Big 6.

Whilst Ovo is a strong player in the business energy market, others also contribute to its cosmopolitan nature such as Opus Energy, Total Gas & Power, Crown Gas & Power, Hudson Energy, Dual Energy, Ecotricity and Haven Power. found however that 31% were concerned as to the viability and longevity of smaller suppliers and feared that as a result they could go out of business.

The truth is that all energy suppliers in the UK are underpinned by the ‘Supplier of Last Resort’ initiative which means even in the rare event of a supplier failure, a customer’s supply will be continuous and their contract will be simply picked up by an alternate supplier, with terms and conditions fully intact.

In other words absolutely nothing to worry about.

The only real consideration that matters is which supplier offers the best deal for your business, regardless of their shape, size or background.

To find out why one size really does not have to fit all in the Business Energy market, get in touch with us at Business Juice and let us help you navigate the entire market, big or small, to secure you a great deal.

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