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Why do you need to credit check my business?

In the latest in our series of questions to the boss, we focus on the issue of smart meters.


Why do you need to credit check my business?

Business Juice:

Most business energy suppliers require a credit check to be undertaken in order to understand whether they wish to supply a business, and what price they will charge them.

This is because suppliers factor in the ‘risk’ of supplying any business into their costs and commercial strategies.

Unlike in the domestic market, suppliers are not obliged to supply businesses; they can, and do, pick and choose.

There is nothing wrong in this, but it does mean that before Business Juice can produce an accurate quote for our clients, we will need to undertake a credit check.

The positive news is that this can open up a world of opportunity for previously unobtainable prices. Without the credit check, suppliers would assume the worst and offer your business only their standard, higher priced tariff.


Will the credit check leave a footprint?

Business Juice:

No, this is a light credit check that simply signposts to the supplier your credit worthiness and enables them to make a decision on whether to and if so what price to offer.

Ask the Boss

Our ‘Ask the Boss’ section poses a series of energy, gas and electricity related questions to the boss, James Constant, who has worked in the energy industry for over 20 years and is now CEO of Business Juice .

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