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ASA rules on the ownership of the uSwitch for Business portfolio from 2011 to 2014

business juice newsASA rules on the ownership of the uSwitch for Business portfolio from 2011 to 2014

Following an investigation by the Advertising Standards Authority, the ASA council have found that Business Juice owned and continue to own the sole rights to the customer portfolio built under the uSwitch for Business brand from January 2011 to April 2014.

In their final adjudication the ASA found that:

“We understood that the operation of uSwitch for Business became independent in January 2011 …. and that the newly formed uSwitch for Business Ltd later became Business Juice …. and had opted to inherit all of the customers that had been obtained under the ‘uSwitch for Business’ brand .

“We therefore considered that the work which had been carried out after that date [1st January 2011] could not be attributed to uSwitch”.

Welcoming the adjudication by the ASA council, James Constant, CEO of Business Juice said:

“We welcome the findings of the ASA council and thank them for their fair and objective consideration in this matter.

“uSwitch and Make It Cheaper, the new operators of the uSwitch for Business brand, are great companies and we wish them well in their endeavours however this ruling is a relief for our business and our loyal portfolio built over the last four years.

“The ASA’s finding should mean the end of customer confusion when faced with a ‘new’ uSwitch for Business in the market. Whilst uSwitch and Make It Cheaper have been very open and honest in their dealings with mistaken customers this ruling will clear up our proud and true legacy and improve transparency in the business energy market.

“Customer confidence and trust is key to our business and we thank all involved for resolving this unfortunate confusion that arose following our rebrand to Business Juice”.

To read the adjudication in full click here.