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Energy a Critical Issue

pound coinsSiemens, the engineering conglomerate, has revealed in its latest business survey that fully 79% of the UK’s manufacturing sector report energy as a “business critical issue” with 65% of those surveyed confirming that they were taking measures to reduce costs by investing in embedded generation and energy management services over the next 12 months.

Steve Barker, Head of Energy Efficiency and Environmental Care at Siemens Industry, introducing the report said:

“A significant minority of manufacturers are still struggling to recognise the benefits of a strategic approach to energy management, but often the perceived barriers to investment can be easily overcome with the right information and flexible financial support.

“There are many manufacturers already leading the way and, together with expert technology partners, they can help to inspire and educate those who say they have other priorities over and above energy management.

“For UK industry, the challenges around managing energy consumption will only intensify in the years to come and doing nothing is not an option for businesses that want to thrive.”

Whether it’s demand or supply side management, energy is one area businesses of all shapes and sizes can control.

Against a backdrop of ever-rising energy costs, driven by network renewal, government levies and green taxes, even in a benign wholesale market, the risk of unnecessary consumption is extremely costly.

Businesses are finally waking up to the fact that they can control these costs with solutions once the domain of only the largest trickling down to the SME.

Business Juice can help you understand how your business too can benefit and turn that “critical issue” into a controllable cost.

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