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Guide to Fixed Energy Deals for Company Electricity and Gas

guide to fixed dealsLeading gas and electricity broker for companies, Business Juice, is committed to providing clear and transparent information in order to help their clients to get the best deal with the minimum of hassle.

Now Business Juice has introduced a free Business Guide to Fixed Energy Deals to clarify for company energy buyers what the concept of a ‘fixed deal’ really means. Business Juice’s analysis of UK gas and electricity supply illustrates that while the raw energy and supplier costs are often truly ‘fixed’, there are a number of elements of the energy price that certain suppliers will leave variable even within a fixed energy deal.

The guide includes a clear yet thorough assessment of what elements are included in the energy price detailing elements that remain excluded or variable. The Guide includes a reference table which compares the contracts from over 20 major gas and electricity suppliers, indicating clearly whether all energy cost elements are included and if not, which are excluded from fixed deals. A second table breaks down for each supplier which cost elements are fixed, including energy, transportation, metering, FIT (Feed In Tariff), RO (Renewables Obligation) and CfD (Contracts for Differences).

James Constant, CEO of Business Juice, explained:

“Buying gas and electricity in the UK for is notoriously complex and the industry has been the subject of much media criticism. There have been some slow improvements for consumers in addition to an increased awareness of the value of shopping around; yet surprisingly the business world, where contracts can be worth tens of thousands of pounds a year or more, it is even more difficult for those seeking the best deal to compare tariffs.

“To safeguard against price rises in the volatile energy market, the concept of ‘fixed deals’ is an appealing one and has become a popular option for business clients as well as domestic, enabling companies to plan their expenditure when they sign up to a contract. However, it is important to recognize that all fixed deals are not the same.

“Our Business Guide to Fixed Energy Deals is intended to share up to date information about how energy suppliers construct their contracts and deals to enable business customers to better understand the market and ensure that they have the knowledge required to get the best deal.

“In a market which is often criticized for lack of transparency, Business Juice is committed to open, clear and honest communication. Our website now has a collection of over 70 useful guides, covering all aspects of gas and electricity costs and supply, dedicated to helping clients to understand the market and make the right choice for them.”

Even armed with this information, comparing energy tariffs can still be confusing and time-consuming for corporate energy buyers big and small. Business Juice offers a comparison service with a simple 1-hour quotation by email to make the process as simple and hassle-free as possible.

The Company offers gas and electricity brokering services to companies from the smallest work-from-home start-ups to major multi-site operations with energy bills over £100k a year. Based on the company usage, Business Juice can access the best deals available in the market and recommend the most appropriate alternatives, saving their clients an average of 60% on energy bills.

For any company choosing to switch supplier, Business Juice’s team of Energy Advisors are available to helping and assisting in the process, providing all the necessary paperwork from letters of authority to termination letters so that the switch is handled as efficiently as possible.

Since 2009, over 200,000 UK businesses have used Business Juice’s energy switching services for reviewing energy contracts and 2 billion kWh of energy has been sold, delivering savings in excess of £64 million a year. Originally part of the Forward Internet group, which also owned uSwitch, Business Juice was subject to a management buyout in 2014, led by CEO James Constant.