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Employment Law changes spell uncertainty for businesses in 2015

familyRunning a business is difficult enough at the best of times but in a period of flux of employment law it is doubly so.

Unfortunately 2015 promises to be one of those periods with a whole raft of new and amended legislation for business to tackle in the coming months.

Indeed the opening of the new tax year in April 2015 promises to be very busy indeed for employers of all sizes with 9 new or amended employer obligations coming into effect:

Shared Parental Leave

From April 2015 employers will need to be prepared to accept that both parents can now share maternity leave once their child is born (or adopted). This includes Surrogacy Leave.

Maternity Leave

Mothers must still take the first two weeks of maternity leave. However after this, the parents can share the remaining leave and pay in whichever way suits them, employers therefore need to be prepared for greater and more unpredictable disruption.

Paternity Leave

The policy of paternity leave will be no more, replaced by the Shared Parental Leave policy.

Paternal Appointment Leave

Employers must allow the husband, civil partner or partner of pregnant women will be able to attend up to 2 antenatal appointments as unpaid time off. This includes Surrogacy Leave.

Parental Leave

Employers will be required to extend the right for parents to request unpaid parental leave from the current period up to the age of 5 (per child) to the age of 18 from April 2015.

Statutory Sick Pay

Statutory sick pay will increase to £88.45 per week.

Statutory Shared Parental Leave Pay

Statutory pay for shared parental leave will increase to £139.56 per week.

Statutory Adoption Pay

Adoption pay will be brought in line with Shared Parental Leave.

Fit for Work Scheme

People on sick leave, who have been off, or are expected to be off for, 4 weeks are to be given an occupational health assessment to help them return to work.