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FSB get business energy hopelessly wrong once again

fsb logoIn an interview with the Independent earlier this week, Mike Cherry, National Policy Chairman of the FSB has claimed:

“There is far less transparency around pricing in the business market, making it hard for small firms to know if they’re getting the best deal.”

Michael, we could not possibly disagree more. In fact you are so wrong it is unfair on your members to be keeping them so much in the dark.

Compared to the domestic energy market, the business energy one is ridiculously transparent. Prices move constantly, are far more aligned to the wholesale market price and the myriad of suppliers on offer create strong contracting opportunities wherever the market is positioned.

Contrast that with the domestic energy market, where as everyone knows, the Big 6 move prices together at the same time and by the same magnitude. We also know that the contract options are limited and the opportunity to strike a market reflective deal non-existent.

But that’s what Cherry wants. A business energy market based on published (more expensive) tariffs, limited in number and constrained in choice, a one size fits all solution for a notoriously dynamic and varied market.

Put simply this is an unmitigated disaster of an opinion, utterly unconnected to reality and totally devoid of sense. Quite why we let such ill-informed rubbish masquerade as understanding and sage advice is a total mystery. That this is given an audience and an air of respectability is a travesty.


Michael needs to work much harder at his studies