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Latest Energy Price Projection

The current volatility in the wholesale market is having a direct bearing on the price you pay per kWH for your business energy.

Based on current market prices for contract starts over the coming 3 months we can see a significant increase in price from an average 12.75p/kWh today growing to 13.214p/kWh by May.

This increase would add £198 to the average business electricity customer’s annual bill. All for just delaying the contracting decisions.

Delaying your contracting decision is a costly business. If we look back over this same market data and track the growth in the gas price over the period since the new year we can see that by delaying your contracting decision your annual bill today would be £483 more expensive than if you’d acted in early January.

The lesson? Seize the day. (And it also helps to have this forecasting and market data to hand which is where we come in!)