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New “Today’s Market” Feature to Monitor Energy Prices

energy market indicatorIndependent business gas and electricity broker, Business Juice has introduced a “Today’s Market” feature on its website.

This daily energy price indicator publicises the daily movement in wholesale energy costs to help companies and individuals see at a glance which direction energy prices are heading, so that they can anticipate the optimum point to enter the contracting process.

The “Today’s Market” indicator links to a more detailed daily analysis piece, the “Business Juice Energy Indicator” (BJEI), which tracks wholesale energy price movements on a daily basis. Written by the Company’s CEO, James Constant, this regular article considers the key trends in the market, analysing the volatility in gas and electricity prices on a weekly and annual basis as well as the daily shifts. The daily BJEI article also reviews the critical influence that the weather forecast has on future price movements as well as the various contract options available for businesses to take advantage of the market.

The Business Juice Energy Indicator is further accompanied by the Company’s weekly BJMMI (Business Juice Market Movement Index) and RPR (Retail Price Ratio) which track the movement of the electricity and gas retail prices to the wholesale market and the relative trends in retail prices respectively.

Business Juice CEO James Constant explains:

“Energy is never out of the news, yet the public and businesses especially lack clear and unbiased information about the true market trends.”

“The media is strongly focussed on domestic prices and a narrative of falling wholesale prices. The truth however is more complex, the volatility of market prices is far greater than popular conception and this provides both opportunities and risks in business energy”

“Our new “Today’s Market” index puts the latest facts right up front on the home page in clear and easy to understand terms. It is simple, effective and eye-catching. This at-a-glance feature is then accompanied by more detailed analysis, considering the longer term trends and influences on energy prices.”

“Even our more detailed analysis is designed to use easy to understand terms and eschews industry jargon so as to help engage and inform a wider audience.

“This information is particularly helpful for those companies that are looking to enter a new energy contract, to help them understand the prices of the day, especially when they are contemplating the benefit of the optimal point to fix a long term contract.”

The commitment to open communication comes from Business Juice’s Customer Charter and follows the publication of over 100 Energy Guides and Supplier Fact Sheets, which can now be downloaded in pdf format for easy consumption and sharing.

James Constant continues:

“It is our mission to make energy less complicated for customers, so in a market full of jargon and complexity, we try to be very open about the facts. We use clear and current information to help people make the right decision on their corporate energy contracts.”

“Switching energy supplier doesn’t have to be complicated, but it can be confusing. We work with companies of all shapes and sizes to help them find the best gas and electricity tariffs to suit their usage and help them through the process. In 2014, the average saving was 17.5%, which can make a big contribution to the bottom line.”

Business Juice offers a free quotation service for businesses of all sizes and from all industries; from the smallest work-from-home start-ups and SMEs to major FTSE companies with multiple site energy usage. In 2014 Business Juice procured over 500GWH for clients delivering savings of £8,117,939 in doing so.

They offer a team of Energy Experts who review the whole market to deliver the most appropriate alternatives from nearly 30 UK energy suppliers based on the needs and requirements of the individual business. For any company choosing to switch supplier, Business Juice’s team are available to help and assist in the process, providing all the necessary paperwork from letters of authority to termination letters so that the switch is handled as efficiently as possible.