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“All I want is the best price”

In the latest of our series of Ask the Boss features, we ask Business Juice’s CEO the latest question posed by our clients:

“Why should I care about the bells and whistles when all I want is the best price”.

Business Juice:

“These aren’t mutually exclusive, indeed what is the point of a cheap price if the cost incurred in managing that contract outweighs the benefit?

One of the biggest differentiators of our service from the wider business energy brokerage market is not just our transparency but our direct relationships with the whole of market suppliers.

Why does this matter?

If you excuse the analogy I will try to explain:

We believe that not only having the whole of the energy market on our panel but also having direct relationships with each supplier is hugely important both as a differentiator for and benefit to our customers.

How I would explain its import is thus:

  • Using a broker can be like buying a car from a dealer who doesn’t have any stock to sell.
  • Once you’ve placed your ‘order’ the ‘dealer’ has to go to the actual dealer down the road to request the car (which he will only be provided with once this other dealer has added their own mark up).
  • Not only that but at times indeed the actual model you ordered will not be available – as they do not have stock and don’t have a direct relationship with the manufacturer they simply cannot know what is available and what is not – and so you end up with something not quite as expected.
  • Taking the analogy further, the original dealer has no after sales care, no service department and no ability to fulfil the terms of the manufacturer warranty.
  • In fact when the car needs a service or a repair is required or a fault needs to be corrected the original dealer simply leaves it to you, the customer to go back to the manufacturer to organise at the resolution at your own expense and outside of any warranty, after all they were only offering to get you a car, nothing else

In contrast an analogy of our model is:

  • Being a dealer for all manufacturers with direct stock and full after sales service including fault resolution, repairs and servicing
What’s more we do this at a cheaper price than those ‘indirect’ dealers!

So to us, our model is of far greater value than others in the market. There are so many brokers now that not only do they not have whole market supplier relationships, they don’t even have direct relationships with the suppliers they have – that can’t be a good recipe for positive customer experience!

That’s why we would always recommend to not only be price keen but to be service keen too, failing to take heed could cost your business far more than you had realised.”