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Lib Dems red circle green policies

Deputy prime minister Nick Clegg states that the Liberal Democrats’ green policies will not be up for negotiation if the party is approached to form a second coalition government.

Well, what a relief to see our Lib Dem leader has grown a backbone ready for the 2015 elections. Shame we’re not quite convinced though Nick, after you reneged on most of your environmental pledges in the 2010 manifesto.

Clegg vehemently promised that there would be no more nuclear power stations installed and yet a few years with the Tories and he took a rapid u-turn saying that new stations were ok as long as they weren’t subsidised.

Our pushover deputy PM, promises that the green policies are the party’s “top priorities” and would have to be included in any coalition agreement for him to accept it.

He said:

“We will fight tooth and nail for these priorities in the next parliament. This is a programme for government, not opposition. It is not a shopping list of pie in the sky ideas, but a set of proposals that builds on our record of action in government.”

A coalition isn’t looking too likely then Nick. With both Labour and the Tories promising minor changes with regard to green policies, they just don’t match up to Clegg’s ambitious plans to introduce a “Zero Carbon Britain Bill” and a “Green Transport Bill” – which would only allow low emission vehicles on the roads from 2040.

Perhaps he can join up with the Greens and they can all protest peacefully when the new government steps in because even if the minor parties sneak into a potential coalition, the big boys sure won’t be listening, let alone agreeing.