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Business Juice Create New Infographic to Explain ESOS Scheme

Guide to ESOS Scheme InfographicFurther to their launch of a nationwide ESOS Audit service last month, business energy broker Business Juice has created an eye-catching infographic to help communicate the key points about the Energy Savings Opportunities Scheme.

Your Guide to the ESOS Scheme

ESOS Scheme Deadline

The ESOS scheme has a deadline of December 2015 which will require large companies to submit detailed energy efficiency reports. Failure to fulfil the requirements of the scheme could leave businesses facing penalties of up to £50,000, yet many remain confused about the requirements of the scheme or relaxed about the deadline and its consequences.

Business Juice CEO James Constant explains:

“Following the launch of, we have been very pleased with the response to our new ESOS audits service. Companies looking into the Energy Savings Opportunities Scheme tell us that they really appreciate the availability of accurate and up to date information about the scheme and its requirements.”

“However, despite an approaching deadline, it seems that many companies have not yet understood the importance or detail of the scheme.”

“Some of those we’ve spoken to remain completely unaware of the ESOS scheme at all. Others are not yet organised with no one person taking responsibility, literature having been passed around the organisation like a hot potato. Worryingly, there are many companies who believe it won’t apply to them due to other schemes they’re involved in, or who think it may go away after the general election.”

“That’s why we’ve put together this infographic, to raise awareness of the scheme and to communicate in a very easy to grasp visual format the key points and obligations.”

The infographic lays out the ESOS facts in easy to understand terms, starting with a summary of what type of businesses are affected. The infographic makes clear the areas an ESOS audit needs to cover, including buildings, transport and process/manufacturing; and then breaks down the specific obligations of the scheme.

Business Juice CEO James Constant continues:

“At Business Juice, we speak to hundreds of companies each day about their energy requirements, helping them to get the best rates and the most appropriate contracts for their needs. Our Business Surveyor service for ESOS Audits is a natural extension to our core service of gas and electricity brokering for companies.”

“The fact is that the ESOS scheme is attached to an EU directive and will therefore go ahead. All companies of a certain size will need to submit an ESOS return this December and this means that they need to make arrangements to gather the necessary data and audit information in time for their first submission.”

“Companies we’ve spoken to have welcomed the clear advice and guidance on what they need to do.

ESOS Surveys

Business Juice’s Business Surveyor service enables qualifying companies to arrange their ESOS surveys quickly and easily in order to comply with the new legislation.

The core Business Juice energy brokering service offers a free quotation for businesses of all sizes and from all industries; from the smallest work-from-home start-ups and SMEs to major FTSE companies with multiple site energy usage.

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