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Citizens Advice put business energy suppliers on warning

Citizens Advice, the consumer organisation, has threatened the publication of an investigation into the behaviours and performance of the UK’s business energy CABLogosuppliers.

The organisation have released a paper that is intended to underpin their consultation into whether their “proposal to now begin publishing non-domestic energy supplier performance statistics” should go ahead.

Citizens Advice are looking for responses by 19th June explaining that:

“We aim to create a model that will accurately illustrate company performance to give micro-business consumers access to the information they need to make informed switching decisions.”

Whilst some might see this as another warning shot for the much maligned Big 6, the consumer body explains:

“A 2013 study showed a total of 30 companies actively supplying electricity and gas to business customers, and at least 80 per cent of gas used by business customers and almost 20 per cent of electricity was supplied by companies outside the major domestic suppliers.”

Of course Citizens Advice aren’t the first to raise customer experience as an essential barometer in selecting a business energy supplier – our own Supplier reviews section has been designed to do exactly this – however June 19th promises to be interesting to see the initial decision on the publishing of these findings and the actual results they reveal.