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Renewables to become top source of electricity in 2030

Coal will no longer be the world’s top source of electricity by 2030 if global pledges are kept to support renewable energy generation.

Promises have been made as part of a global climate change deal to limit carbon emissions and reduce the use of fossil fuels.

Schemes have been introduced to stop global temperatures warming by more than 2 Celsius and reduce greenhouse gases.

The aim to is to cut all inefficient, polluting coal-powered stations as two thirds of greenhouse gases come from producing and burning the coal, oil and gas used to power the world’s electricity systems, factories and cars.

A huge promise to live up to but it seems that climate change is being taken seriously on a global scale.

We’ve seen action here in the UK with the closure of coal-powered stations and growing investment in wind farms.

While electricity customers will have to pay more for their energy, it appears as though the end will justify the means and give the world a cleaner, long-term energy solution.