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Energy Switching Saves Companies £2,015 in 2015

Business Juice Year to Date Figures Released

business energy costsBusiness Juice has released interim figures which show that their customers will save an average yearly sum of £2,015 for having switched energy, based on 2015 performance so far for business gas and electricity overall.

The average saving on electricity contracts is £2,100 while companies will save an average £1,803 on business gas.

Many of Business Juice’s clients are small local businesses, so the contribution to the bottom line is significant – saving £2k on energy can make a massive difference to profitability and viability for a young startup company, while the company works to build and grow.

Business Juice work with many SMEs (small and medium enterprises) and even industrial and commercial clients, where the savings can be massive due to the large energy usage. Examples of savings in 2015 include an academy school which saved over £42k and a local community centre that saved over £15k on electricity. The biggest saving so Business Juice has delivered for its clients so far in 2015 is over £63k, which was for a construction company which moved its electricity contract; while the greatest saving on gas was a property investment business in London which saved £35k.

Business Juice CEO James Constant explains:

“We are very pleased to announce these latest figures, demonstrating just how much a company can save on their energy bills.”

“Despite government campaigns in the consumer market, there is no coordinated drive for companies to change supplier and a lack of awareness of the potential to make significant cost savings by switching electricity and gas, yet the savings are considerable for those who do.”

“We hope that this announcement will encourage other businesses to shop around for a better deal on their electricity and gas.”

While lack of awareness is a big problem in business energy, for other businesses, confusion about where to start is yet another barrier.

James continues:

“Sadly, the market does not make it easy to compare or switch business energy. Availability of reliable online information is variable, the switching process potentially complex and contracts can be confusing.”

“However, Business Juice has invested in creating good quality information to help companies understand the market and make the right decision. We’ve created easy online comparison tools for businesses to compare their costs based on their own usage to see what they could be paying in just a few clicks and for those who wish to switch supply, our Energy Experts take on the coordination and paperwork, making the transition smooth and ensuring that all the details are arranged on behalf of the client.”