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Online Approval for Energy Switching Administration

eSign letter of authorityLeading UK business energy broker Business Juice has launched a new online approval system for their Letter of Authority.

This item enables their clients to quickly, efficiently and securely give their approval for Business Juice’s Energy Experts to contact energy suppliers on their behalf.

James Constant, Business Juice’s CEO explains the rationale behind the development of this feature:

“The Business Energy market is in our view unnecessarily complex and bureaucratic. In fact, the administrative burden deters many customers from actually moving their gas or electricity, even though it could save them thousands of pounds.”

“We work hard to make it as simple as possible. The Letter of Authority is a document which enables clients to grant us permission to contact incumbent and new suppliers on their behalf. This means that we can take on all the hard work of getting the best deal, checking the find detail of the contract options so that we can be confident of getting the best price and most appropriate terms.

“Clients can forget about lost hours and endless research.”

“Once the best new supplier has been identified, the Letter of Authority empowers us to make all the administrative arrangements on behalf of our client. This is where the real benefit is, as there can be a series of obstacles with demands for information by specific dates in order to arrange a switch. Our experience means that we know exactly how to manage the transition and the Letter of Authority simply grants us permission to get on and do all the hard work on behalf of the client.”

The Letter of Authority is not in itself new, as Business Juice have been arranging gas and electricity switches on behalf of their clients for many years, saving clients up to £88k on business energy in 2014 with an average 14% saving on gas and 18% on electricity. However, the online signing makes the process even easier for clients.

James Constant continues:

“We have chosen the Adobe eSign system which means that clients no longer need to print off, sign, scan and send their approval. This is much faster and easier for everyone involved and means that we can facilitate smooth and efficient transition for companies switching energy.”


Business Juice offers a free quotation service for businesses of all sizes and from all industries; from the smallest work-from-home start-ups and SMEs to major FTSE companies with multiple site energy usage.