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Key Facts Statement Update in Advance of Anniversary

key facts statementAs Business Juice approaches the first anniversary of its ground-breaking Key Facts Statement, the Company has issued an update on its performance.

Business Juice has issued over 4,000 Key Facts Statements since launching last year, with full facts and figures for full and open disclosure.

The innovative Key Facts Statement clearly, yet comprehensively, lays out the necessary detail relating to each clients’ energy information, with vital facts and figures all in one place for easy future reference, including contract dates, reference numbers, consumption figures and contract cost as well as potential cost savings in a handy 2-page summary.

£8.5m Energy Saving

Business Juice have issued over 4,000 Key Facts Statements in less than 12 months, delivering savings of over £8.5 million for their clients.

This equates to energy contracts totalling a staggering 417,512,638 kWh.

James Constant, CEO of Business Juice, explained:

“When we launched the Key Facts Statement nearly a year ago, we were keen to give each and every client complete clarity about the full detail of their energy contracts. This openness was unprecedented within the industry, which is renowned for complexity to such a level that many clients are actually deterred from seeking the best deal.”

“The Key Facts Statement is a personalised illustration which includes full details of both the old and new energy contract. It also shows all the contractual details in an easy to understand format and crucially, the overall contract cost and savings delivered.”

“In the interests of full disclosure, we also include any fees including any fees that we ourselves receive from the supplier. However, it is important to stress that our service costs the company nothing at all, it is free at the point of use. That’s why so many companies are choosing to use Business Juice for sourcing the best possible electricity and gas prices, but also for advising on the contractual commitment, as sometimes the lowest price isn’t the best deal for a company’s unique circumstances.”

“We spend time understanding each client’s needs and looking ahead to the full term of the contract too to ensure that we find the best contract for their requirements. When a company chooses to go ahead, with a quick authorisation (which can now be done online) we then take on all the administration involved in switching. All this costs the client not a penny.”

“Our policy has always been to be totally open and honest with our clients, building a commercial relationship based on trust. Our service is completely free at the point of use (i.e. for our business clients), so disclosing any fee that we may receive from the supplier is simply an act of full disclosure to the client. In fact, they are usually surprised at how little the sum is (if, indeed, any).”

This level of full disclosure is unique within the industry and the spirit of open and transparent communication, part of the Company’s Customer Charter, has been very well received by Business Juice’s clients, who appreciate the clarity of information provided.

The cost of electricity and/or gas can be one of a business’s major overheads., so finding the best deal for energy supply can save a company thousands of pounds. Based on 2015 half year figures, even small companies can expect to save an average £1,564 on energy costs, while larger companies can save nearly £20k. The biggest saving this year so far is over £63k for a construction company which moved its electricity contract while a property investment business in London has saved £35k on gas.

Business Juice offers a free quotation for businesses of all sizes and from all industries; from start-ups and SMEs to companies with multiple locations.

They offer a team of expert Energy Advisors who can review the current energy supply and recommend the most appropriate alternatives as well as provide expert advice to demystify the daunting comparison and switching process.