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Renewable energy investment is the only way to hit carbon targets

National Grid have released their Future Energy Scenarios, which lists maximum deployment of renewable technologies as the only solution to meeting carbon reduction targets set by the EU.

National Grid said its Gone Green pathway is “the only scenario to achieve all renewable and carbon targets on time”, supplying 34% of the UK’s electricity by 2020. It also said that: “renewable electricity, mainly from wind, contributes most to reaching the 2020 renewables target”.

Wind farms, both onshore and offshore were applauded as the future looking to supply 18% of the UK’s electricity needs by the end of the decade.

Bit worrying then that the government are cutting wind farm subsidies and stopping renewables CCL exemption. They claim that even with these cost-cutting measures, they will hit target through better energy efficiency and fracking.

Energy Secretary, Amber Rudd said:

“I think shale gas will be an important part of the energy mix of the UK and part of decarbonisation, as it is effectively a low-carbon fuel.”

We’d argue that shale gas is only a low-carbon fuel when compared to coal. While coal powered stations are already being gradually shut down, surely we should be focussing on real clean energy?

It seems National Grid agree as they are trying to promote wind and solar technology to the government despite diminishing support from the latter.

As 2020 comes ever nearer, we’ll be interested to see if the government change their mind on renewables when the carbon reduction targets start to slip out of reach.