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Smart meter benefits not clear enough for microbusinesses

Smart Energy GB are in the firing line after the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) essentially called their approach to smart meters for microbusinesses a sham. The FSB stated their engagement proposals were “a recipe for failure.”

Smart Energy GB are planning to tack on an extension regarding microbusinesses onto its current domestic campaign.

A bad move in our eyes as microbusinesses should be treated as such. The benefits to their bottom line can’t be properly summarised in league with a domestic campaign.

The FSB agreed with us stating that:

“This approach would fail due to the different and diverse nature of small businesses. A targeted campaign for microbusinesses will be essential to combating a high degree of mistrust amongst small businesses around the relative costs of their energy and the value for money they get for additional services.”

The submission continued:

“Without guarantees about the real benefits smart meters will bring, small businesses are unlikely to give them the benefit of the doubt given their previous and ongoing experience in the wider energy market. The importance, significance and centrality of energy costs varies considerably amongst microbusinesses and the engagement strategy will need to reflect this diversity if it is to be successful.”

We’re inclined to agree. Microbusinesses have already suffered from confusing differentiations from Ofgem and changing rulings over the years. A clear communications strategy is required to set forward exactly what they have to gain from installing a smart meter and the benefits to their specific business.

As is usual in the energy market, knowledge is power. For more information on microbusinesses or smart meters, give Business Juice a call on 0800 051 5770.