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SSE suffers customer losses of 90,000 in Q1

SSE announced a loss of 90,000 customers in the first quarter this year with its customer base down to 8.49 million from 8.58 million at the end of 2014.

The company has forecast a decrease in energy supply profits as a result for this financial year, but expects to earn an increase in operating profit in its electricity generation business.

We suspect with the onsurge of energy campaigns from the government this year that customers have begun to move away from the big six and take their business to smaller, cheaper independent suppliers.

SSE remain undeterred as they explained that their electricity output from gas, oil and renewables had increased, with gas- and oil-fired power stations producing 2.42TWh compared with 2.19TWh in 2014/15, and 2.20TWh coming from renewable sources compared with 1.62TWh.

The issue appeared to be generation from coal-fired power stations which was down to just 0.41TWh, compared with 1.79TWh and SSE said this reflected the poor market conditions for coal.

Chief executive Alistair Phillips-Davies said:

“The firm is in a good position to respond constructively to the key issues likely to emerge in the rest of this financial year and that the firm’s financial outlook remains as set out in May.

While there have been significant developments affecting all parts of the business, there has also been important progress in operational performance, which is essential for meeting the expectations of customers now and in the future.”

So a positive outlook from SSE. And we think they’ll be fine. Their customer service is top notch and they are a reliable supplier. For supplier reviews and advice, give us at call Business Juice on 0800 051 5770.