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Smart Energy GB to extend smart metering campaign to microbusinesses

smart energy gbSmart Energy GB has announced they will extend their smart meter domestic campaign to target 2.3 million microbusinesses.

Its domestic campaign features “Gaz and Leccy” who explain the merits of smart meters to the general public in an ‘educative and creative’ manner.

While we wholeheartedly believe that microbusinesses need educating on smart meters and their benefits, we don’t think this approach has been particularly well thought through.

Smart Energy GB have decided to release a slightly tweaked version of the domestic campaign but will be communicating through specialist media, partnerships with advisory organisations, and partnerships with organisations that can provide direct communications channels.

Should they not be considering their target audience of business owners when they are trying to engage them rather than sending out an ill-aimed campaign to business media?

Myths that need clearing up revolve around perceived disruption to business as usual; a lack of awareness or belief in the benefits of smart meters; and confusion between advanced metering and smart metering.

We believe there needs to be a campaign specific to microbusinesses with case studies to really convince business owners of how smart meters can save them money and make their business more efficient.

The Federation of Small Businesses has already voiced their objections calling the low funded campaign a “recipe for failure.”

It said a specific targeted campaign is necessary to achieve buy-in by a sector with a “high-degree of mistrust” of the energy market.

We’re inclined to agree. Microbusinesses have already suffered from confusing differentiations from Ofgem and changing rulings over the years. A clear communications strategy is required to set forward exactly what they have to gain from installing a smart meter and the benefits to their specific business.

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