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Time is running out to submit ESOS Reports

Time may already be up for many businesses to comply with the EU Energy Efficiency Directive and submit their ESOS report, as a host of lead assessors are no longer taking new business.

With just 60 days to go, energy giant Inenco has already put an end to their ESOS services as the audits take “at least two months” to complete because of the need to compile and analyse data.

David Cockshott, Chief Commercial Officer at Inenco said: “There is now serious concern that thousands of businesses will fail to comply in time, risking financial penalties and missing opportunities to reduce energy costs.”

Lead assessors are expecting a mad dash for audits now as so many businesses have left their report to the last minute leaving little capacity to fulfil all reports before the deadline on 5th December 2015.

Of the 10,000 qualifying businesses, it’s believed that less than 200 have completed their assessment, leaving the large majority in danger of receiving hefty fines.

Reasons for non-compliance that businesses have stated include the cost, disruption, timescales and manpower required to undertake site wide energy audits.

We believe it’s simply a lack of knowledge with regard to the scheme and very little guidance having been delivered by the Environment Agency.

With such little education on the scheme, businesses have yet to take it seriously, having been most likely inundated with cold calls. Sadly this could cost them up to £50,000.

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