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Making Sense of ESOS with Business Surveyor

ESOSIndependent business energy broker Business Juice is helping UK businesses to understand their ESOS obligations.

ESOS stands for Energy Savings Opportunities Scheme and is a compulsory scheme for businesses of a certain size, requiring them to submit detailed information about energy efficiency on their sites plus additional information as relevant for transport (including grey fleet) and manufacturing processes.

The deadline for submission of ESOS reports and audits is 5th December, but with reports that over 10,000 businesses have yet to start their ESOS assessments, the Environment Agency has issued a report to say that they may escape the hefty penalties if they complete an ‘Intent to Comply’ late notification form and submit it by 5th December.

However, Business Juice is warning businesses that this does not mean they can relax. Business Juice CEO James Constant explains:

“The majority of companies in the UK are behind on fulfilling the requirements of the ESOS scheme. Some seem to be hoping that the scheme will be abandoned, while others are relaxing thanks to the extra time bought by the late notification system.”

“However, the deadline itself has not been extended – it is still strictly 5th December 2015, just 3 weeks away. Even submitting the late notification form only extends the full submission deadline until 29th January 2016 (or 30th June if ISO 50001 is a valid form of compliance), which buys very little extra time taking account of Christmas and New Year.”

“The Environment Agency have stated that companies may still receive a formal enforcement notice and vitally, there does need to be a valid reason for late submission. There is a risk that the Intent to Comply form may not be sufficient to protect you from the fixed penalties of up to £50,000 plus additional £500 per day, which could total another £40k.”

With scarcity of qualified assessors, the end of January is still not an easy deadline to meet for companies who have not yet started the process.

Constant continues:

“Our advice is to appoint a Lead Assessor as soon as possible and to include this information on your ‘Intent to Comply form, to demonstrate that you are committed to complying with the requirements of the ESOS scheme.”

“Business Juice are experts in business energy and will be happy to help you to understand your ESOS requirements with no obligation to take up our services. Through our Business Surveyor services, we are also on hand to complete your entire audit before the deadline without overcharging you or trying to push you into putting your ESOS recommendations into place.”

Business Juice’s Business Surveyor service enables qualifying companies to arrange their ESOS surveys quickly and easily in order to comply with the new legislation via a dedicated website, The website now allows companies to gain a quick estimate of the costs.

ESOS audits and surveys can be arranged across the UK for single or multiple sites including transport and process audits where needed; thanks to their network of professional, qualified surveyors.

Business Juice’s core business is a specialist energy brokering service for UK companies. Their team of Energy Experts offer help, advice and support for businesses involved in purchasing gas or electricity from the smallest start-up company to large multi-site FTSEs.

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