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Hairdressers! Tips to reduce business energy costs

hairdressers energy savingWhile all businesses could save thousands on their business energy bills just by reducing their consumption and switching suppliers, it’s never been more important than in a hairdressing salon.

A typical hairdresser’s salon consumes around 40,000kWh of electricity every year thanks to all of the electrical hairdressing equipment and hot water they use. That’s an average bill of £4,000 a year! While the overheads are expensive, it just means that there are vast savings to be made if you look for them.

The most obvious answer is switching your business energy supplier.

With a huge 68% price difference between the cheapest and most expensive electricity tariffs on the market, you could save your salon thousands just by comparing your contract.

Business Juice compares 30 suppliers so you don’t have to. We work out the best tariff for you, completely bespoke for your business and we’ll carry out the whole switch for you – from terminating your old contract to supporting you through the life of the new contract.

I’ve got the best energy rates. What else can I do to save money?

Making your business more energy efficient will help cut your consumption and therefore your bills. Here’s a few energy saving ideas for your salon.

Check your lights – are your bulbs energy efficient? They’re cheaper to run and last much longer.

Ensure everything is turned off when you shut up shop to keep running costs low. That goes for lights, radios, TVs, kettles. And why wait until you go home? Switch off straighteners and clippers when they’re not being used.

Drop your heating and water temperatures by a few degrees to avoid wasting energy. According to the Carbon Trust, reducing your heating by just one degree could result in cost savings of 8%.

Save water – Turn off the water between washes and you can even change the handspray on your wash units to a restrictive spray, to reduce water usage by 50%.

How do I get a free business energy quote?

Simply give Business Juice a call on 0800 051 5770. You can even email us at or use our contact form. Just mention reference code HAIR and we’ll get your contract options over right away so you can start saving!


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