Emergency electricity measures employed by National Grid

With increasing numbers of coal-fired power plants being shut down and an unusually low output of electricity from wind farms, National Grid were forced to take desperate measures on Wednesday. Under threat of blackouts, National Grid had to rely on large businesses to cut their electricity demand to ensure the UK would not be in […]

High risk of blackouts this winter

National Grid warns of potential blackouts this winter as the capacity margin hits a record low of 1.2%. Capacity margin is the average amount of extra electricity available compared to peak winter demand. Households will be expected to fund subsidies to new gas power stations to increase capacity and avoid darkness. Measures have already been […]

Blackout Warnings from Ofgem

With power plants being shut down left, right and centre, fears over potential blackouts increase. As the government focus on hitting new carbon targets and new environmental legislation, coal, nuclear and gas plants are being closed and dismantled with devastating effects on the UK power supply. Even with an increased push for demand-side response and […]

Potential winter blackouts as electricity supplies get tighter

Fears that blackouts could be a possibility this winter have spurred on National Grid to buy more power from generators and invest in demand-side response as electricity capacity margins are the lowest they’ve been since 2007 after several power station closures. National Grid director of market operation Cordi O’Hara explains: “It is clear that electricity […]